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Image background removal service is the process of removing the background of a subject by using the clipping path technique to isolate the subject and turn all eyes on the product by removing the backdrop. Having a solid color backdrop helps the customers focus only on the product being displayed. it also helps create a contrast against the solid color which is usually white and the product color, helps the product stand out more. Removing the background from an image is usually carried out using the photoshop pen tool. A vector path is manually drawn around the subject and then clipping path is applied to obtain a solid background.

As mentioned above the difficulty of the background removal depends on the texture of the subject, and so different levels of expertise are required. Manually drawing path around an image can become monotonous and bothersome and so Pro Clipping Path is here to help you out, with our affordable prices and high quality workmanship we offer you our services.


Easy background removal is carried out on images with a soft curves or straight lines like mobile phones, round objects etc. Easy background removal is carried out on products with few anchor point and requires only one path to completely remove the background. As the name suggests its relatively easier and is carried out in simple object images.

Even though the process is easy, editing such images in bulk can be monotonous and time consuming which is why Pro Clipping Path is here to help.


Medium background removal is usually carried out on products which are a little complex and have more edges and corners like watches, bracelets, shoes. Medium background removal deals with product that has multiple anchors and requires mid-level clipping path to work with the curvy edges.

Medium background removal is higher up the difficulty ladder due to the increased number of curves and corners and requires Clipping path professional to achieve the desired high quality and isolate an object from it’s backdrop with utmost accuracy.


Complex clipping path is usually carried out on objects with a lot of edges or intricate designs like chain, group of people, furniture, furry doll, jewelry, net, group images, cycle, transparent ceramics, etc. Complex shaped subject have a lot of anchor points and requires multiple deep etch to cut out the edges. Even after professional background removal some of these images may need Retouching to smooth out the sharp edges.

This type of images are one of the harder ones to be clipped and almost always would require a professional and steady handed editor to clip around the sharp edges to achieve the premium quality background removal for your images. Pro Clipping Path has a team of professional editors dedicated to removing backgrounds flawlessly.

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Super complex shaped subjects are those with a lot of intricate curves and angles, like a floral arrangement, trees, bicycle, very intricate jewelry etc. The extreme edges in these kind of subjects makes it extremely tricky to isolate , even for an experienced editor. Super complex subjects has a lot of anchor points and needs many deep etch paths and so requires expertise, patience, steadiness and time to be perfectly isolated.

Pro Clipping Path has experienced editors who who are able to manually draw these with a maximum accuracy possible and produce high quality images for you to work with.

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